Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fever Pitch: A Supplemental Review

Blondie reviewed Fever Pitch last week, but you can't trust anything that a Yankees fan writes. I saw the movie tonight and LOVED IT.

It was like that movie told my story. You know, single, too busy for love, really rich and successfully employed and living in the Back Bay... whoops, I mean, poor but having a job that I love and season tix behind the batter...well maybe not that either. But I DID TOTALLY MISS THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME IN RED SOX HISTORY. I was away for a job interview and had I known that NOTHING WOULD PAN OUT I would have fuckin' skipped it and gone to Fenway, come hell or high water. Friends called my dying, battery charger-less cellphone, yelling, "Woohoo!! We're in Kenmore Square! And we're getting TEAR GASSED!!! WOOOOOOO!" While I sat, alone, without clothing, suits, face wash, or a clean pair of underwear - having missed the game in which the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time since 1918. And to make matters worse, I missed the entire weekend of post-World Series victory parties. I should have been there.

When the Sox played the Yankees on Opening Day, there was a special on ESPN2 right before it that showed the Sox's path to victory. I might have shed a tear or two into my beer. I might called a friend to discuss Red Sox Love like only a Sox fan understands. But that special was the first time that I actually really and truly saw the entire last part of Game 3 against St. Louis.

I digress. The other reason why I loved Fever Pitch so much is because... who DOESN'T want to have Jimmy Fallon's babies after that movie? Hmmmm? I thought Drew and Jimmy had excellent romantic-comedy chemistry. Sigh. It was beautiful. If I can find a man like that, I will die a happy, happy woman.

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