Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today's news

Police officer killed while interviewing suspect. The suspect grabbed the officer's pistol and shot him with it. The picture of the suspect in the article is incredibly disturbing. It looks like he was beaten pretty badly.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Fire halts services needed by teens
Handling of inmate defended by state What's interesting about this article is that apparently, staff must preserve evidence if an inmate is pronounced dead in prison. But if the staff treat the inmate as though he were not dead, and he is pronounced dead upon arrival, staff have no duty to preserve evidence in regards to the circumstances of the inmate's death.

And what I think will be a fascinating case:
High Court to hear Miranda case. I wrote about this law a few months ago that forces prosecutors to gamble on interlocutory appeals - if they lose, the whole case gets thrown out. The prosecutors in this case appealed the suppression of the accused's statement and lost, so the case was dismissed. Since then, the MD legislature has changed the law so that it does not apply in homicide cases. I wonder if and how it will change after this.

And finally, last night was nightmare-free and included margaritas, Thai take-out, and celebrity gossip, which is truly the cure for everything.

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carpundit said...

FYI about that cop-killer. He may or may not have been beaten, but the following things certainly occurred:

1. The murdered officer fought for his life for several minutes before losing;

2. The killer jumped 35 feet(!) to the ground;

3. It took four officers more than ten minutes of fighting to get him handcuffed.

I don't know whether he was beaten after that. Maybe. But he could easily have sustained any or all of those injuries in the murder, escape, and capture.

Please note that it would have been constitutionally permissible for the police merely to shoot him on sight. So they should be complimented for their restraint.