Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the future of this blog

Well, it's happened.  I have been discovered.  I think once the anonymity of the blog collides with real life, it's probably time to stop.  Maybe it was time anyway.  Not sure exactly what I'm going to do from here, but for now Woman of the Law is on pause, and maybe the next time you come here this blog will be gone.  We'll see.

Unfortunately we've seen the PD blogging community slowly disappear, so I hope a new generation of PDs finds a way to keep blogging, or be involved with one another, because it's been really great to have conversations with other PDs out in the world.  See y'all on the flip side!

Friday, November 20, 2009

where my pd peeps at?

Today was one of those days that I will look back upon, as being one of the most important days of my career.  I have a horrible, terrible case with an innocent client facing life in prison and it feels like I might not sleep for the next few years.  Only a real pd knows this misery.  Right now I need to huddle up with my public defender community, arms on shoulders, pull our heads together, talk it out, yell it out, scream it out, cry it out, march together, fight together, win together.  If I could invite all of you over, we would eat pizza and drink beer and wine and definitely something stronger, whiskey sounds good, and when it was all over I'd feel ok, I'd have a plan, I'd feel stronger having had you here to support me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

new book on why the system sucks

Has anyone read the book "Ordinary Injustice" by Amy Bach?  I'm uncertain whether I'd like to - I already hear enough of what a hack I am.  I'm not sure that I disagree with her premise - I guess I'd have to read the book to find out.  Any PDs out there going to wade through it?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

goings on

I won but not the way I should have or wanted to.  So I didn't feel good about the win, because it didn't feel right, although I think in the end I should have won for the right reasons.  There were many reasons I should have won, those just weren't the right ones.  How crappy is that?  I get a win and can't be happy about it, on principle.  But I suppose my opponent now knows a bit what it feels like to be a P.D. - to be on the losing side for the wrong reasons.

I am applying for jobs, more for geographical purposes than anything else.  This is a huge deal.  I do not feel ready for change, only because I'm scared.  I'm afraid that I'll end up without a job somehow, or that I'll feel as though I've made a terrible decision, or that I'm making decisions that bring me no closer to the right path.  I am totally and completely afraid.  Also, I am dismayed how many people want my law school transcripts or want me to write an essay about what life experiences I have that make me a good public defender.  Um, well, I am a public defender.  I've been a PD for 4 years.  I found that to be very good preparation for being a public defender.  I thought it would be easier to make a lateral move - but it's the exact same process, 4 yrs later.