Monday, May 31, 2004

A home for Womanofthelaw

I checked out an apartment kind of in the suburbs today, the apartment of the girlfriend of someone in my summer class. And lo and behold, I may have a place to live. Knock on wood. Don't count my chicken before it is hatched, but I may be blogging from my new home and no longer from the internet cafe by this weekend.

Today's trek to the internet cafe was particularly treacherous because I DROVE instead of taking the subway. Oh yes. All I have to do is take one street from one side of the city to another. Easier said than done. I ended up, instead of driving across the city, making a loop such that I was about one neighborhood away from home again. One very sketchy and dangerous neighborhood away from home - so I turned around and tried to find my way back. I managed to get here eventually, but certainly getting home will be equally as treacherous.

The weekend was as follows: FRI: shopping & drinks with K; late dinner and dog walking with T; SAT: early lunch with A, watched WWII thing with T, drinks and movie with L; SUN: Brunch, newspapers, and books on my own; Memorial Day concert and Thai food with A; MON: Looked at apartment, watched the Red Sox get handed their asses, and drove precariously through town to blog. Tomorrow, first day at juvenile facility. I'm nervous. I don't know what to expect. I have no idea what I will spend 8 hours doing tomorrow.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Woman of the law in a new town

I'm in search of housing and just having rotten, rotten luck. I can't find anything cheap enough and am having a lot of difficulty even scheduling appointments - maybe one out of every ten people emails me back and even the people who email me back can't find the time. It's stressing me out. I'd like to just get settled into a routine, find a gym, a grocery store, a regular coffeeshop, a pattern, a community. But I'm in limbo and until I get settled, which might actually not happen if I can't find a place to live, then I'm going to continue to feel uncomfortable.

I'm feeling a bit lonely right now. I have a four day weekend. While I was at work, things were ok because I was with other people. But now, facing four days in which I have nothing to do, I'm feeling pretty sad. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be getting together with a friend of mine from law school, which will be nice.

I'm at an internet cafe because there is no internet where I'm staying right now. I keep losing my wireless connection at this cafe and it's starting to piss me off. I have to be out of the place I'm staying no later than June 26 or so. I had hoped that I would be able to find a sublet starting June 1 but no luck thus far.

I've enjoyed my week of training and have liked the people that I've met so far. I'm excited about my summer and yet at the same time wishing it were over already. I wish I just had a place to live.
On the train ride over here, I kept thinking, gee, I wish I could go somewhere and just meet a friend. Just strike up a conversation with someone nice and fun. I think the guy next to me just said hi. I'm going to ignore him. I'm scared.

A fresh start.

It isn't easy.