Tuesday, April 12, 2005


1. I take a deep breath, dive under, swim as fast as I can underwater until I get to the end, then I come up gasping for air, and then the next assigment that's due immediately comes along, so I dive under and do it all over again. It seems that I'm in capable of swimming leisurely.

2. True or False: Doug Mirabelli is underrated on offense? True. He seems to hit an uncanny number of HRs for the actual number of games he gets to play.

3. Tim Wakefield is always my favorite. ALWAYS.

4. The Hot Librarian wrote about the Hip Dips - the hottest part of a man's body. Oh yeah ladies, we all know that part. I get all tingly just thinking about it. Nibble nibble.

5. The 'deep breath' that I'll be taking this Saturday night - Monday morning should result in my lungs filling with tequila. If all goes well.

6. I'm considering leaving this one to a vote: which state bar should I take? Your options are A) The state in which I am currently living and in which I have an unofficial job offer, B) The state in which I have applied for a grant to start my own little job with the public defender, which, if awarded, would not be awarded until July or August but would be my dream job, or C) State A plus another state, State C, where I was this fall, not because I particularly want to work there but because hey, why the fuck not? or D) State B plus State C.

State C is sort of a safety - I think it's more likely that they have a rolling hiring schedule so if I'm shit out of luck next fall with a job, I can always live with mom and wait around for them.

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