Saturday, February 26, 2005

You rock, Gary Brolsma!

NY Times article on the lip-sync video found here.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I'm so sad to learn that My Hero, now outed as Gary Brolsma, is depressed that he's obtained such fame. I don't like the video for the purposes of pointing and laughing. I like it because it's such an upbeat song and he's having SO MUCH FUN with it! I found this video a couple of weeks ago, when I was embroiled in my interviews-from-hell, and just watching and listening cheered me up. I still watch it a few times a week just to get me pumped and to put me in good spirits. He's having so much good, earnest fun (something that is really not happening in the law school library. at all. ever) that it makes me feel like I'm having fun, too!

I really am giggling with you, not at you. Thanks for cheering me up. How can I cheer you up?


notguilty said...

i saw that a while ago and actually thought, what asshole put that up without that guy's permission. But I thought it was great and funny. I think he should embrace it as well. I wonder why he is so embarrased and why he would cancel the today show? Why? I want to go on the today show!

Anonymous said...


The video is funny. What's funnier is the reptile tank in the background.

Blonde Justice said...

I saw it a while ago and thought it was so funny. My thought was, "Wow, I bet this um... otherwise-not-dating-a-lot guy could end up getting a lot of dates out of this." I guess not. Maybe that's what he needs.

Barbara A Huggins said...

Anyone who would laugh AT Gary is someone not worth worrieing about. Not only does he obviously have a good sense of humor and fun, but the guy is REALLY good at lipsync and I mean REALLY good, and for someone not on a dance floor he is showing signs of good dance moves too. Speaking as a techno dance music lover and dance freak, AND someon who thought Milli Vanilli pulled a great one this guy is fantastic. Any girl who would laugh at him just doesnt deserve him. Any guy who would laugh at him is just jealous they are not as real as he is. ANd the reptile I would love to meet too. :) Lizard maybe?

alber said...

It is absolutely funny and makes you laugh till you have no air to breath.
It made me feel better after seeing it. It is great.
And this guy must be great too.
He is funny for sure.
Don´t feel ridiculous Gary, you made laugh many many people. That is GREAT.
Well done. It is amazing.

Scott Heffner said...

You all are dead on. Gary's video is amazing. It's literally all I need to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. Sometimes I'll watch it two or three times but it cheers me up no matter what.

He's a damn good chair dancer, too. Reminds me of two good friends of mine - one because he has the same carefree attitude (at least in the video) and one because they were seperated at birth they look so much alike.

Great video - something to be proud of not ashamed of. Gary, you SERIOUSLY ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Gary, you are fantastic!
Thank you for making such an awesome video.
The world loves you!
Dolly (from Australia)

Panos said...

The video is hilarious. Simply increadible. The fact that this many people have taken interest in it should prove this guy is talented. I read somewhere that searches for him dominated MSN. It made me feel good.

I hope Gary can realiase that his video is enjoyable, and makes people feel better and that is something to be proud of.

Brad from Utah said...

Gary, this is the best video ever. It is all over and you are so popular. All the kids in my daughters school love it and my niece and nephews cannot get enough of it. They all sit around the computer and ask to play the "Numa Numa Dance". They are trying to memorize the dance but, no one can do it the same way. We will keep trying though. It really cheers us up!

crumpy said...

DUDE GARY, Holy hanna that was the frekin' best video on the face of this earth! dude don't be embarressed you are the only guy i have heard of that can dance like that and have like everyone in the country love it! my whole family loves it and my school does to no lie keep dancing!

Anonymous said...

i found gary's video about a year ago and i thought it was the best thing ever ! when i showed one of my friends she said that when she was at Great Adventure a few weeks ago there was some kid there who looked exactly like gary singing and dancing the numa numa dance--so it was probably him right ? It was the Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ

Linda said...

You know what? I think this guy is SOOOOOO COOOOOL... I didn't know, until reading here, that he is not happy with his new found fame. He is such a young guy... and I am old enough to be his mother... BUT ... it TRULY IS every woman's dream to find a man with this kind of sense of humor... I'm right ain't I girls? Aaaah... if only I had a daughter his age. I love you, Gary.

Anonymous said...

lol dont worry I kno I went to HS with him...He was the quietest kid in school but always had a smile

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I really love this guy. I don`t get how people can laugh AT him. He`s such a cheerful guy, and I love his ideas. He should like.. Go on American Idol and all that. He`s got some good talent. I`m not even that good!
If you wanna chat with me, my e-mail is
just put the title "Gary Brolsma" OMG HE`S SO AWESOME!!!!