Thursday, February 03, 2005


My interview went fine. I'm under no delusions that I knocked anyone's socks off, but it was pleasant enough. It made for a long day - catching a bus long before dawn, riding the bus for 5 hrs, arriving 2 hrs early, killing time, then doing the actual interview, then heading back to the bus, realizing that it was 4 pm and somehow I had only consumed a pumpkin spice latte and nothing else, and then hopped the bus back to arrive home around 10 pm.

I'm feeling a little bit pressured for time right now. When I came back to school, I was delighted with all the people I got to hang out with. Except since classes started, I haven't gone out at all. I have a research project due Sunday for which I have almost nothing done; I have trial ad sucking all my free time (but it's so fun!); I have more interviews next week; the Super Bowl is this Sunday and of course, we're having a hoard of people over. Add an hour of workouts plus two hours of class time a day, and I feel like I'm running a negative balance on the 'free time' column.

Despite my crazed schedule, I think I've managed to stay pretty mellow and in a pretty good mood. Because I only have class once a day (except Wed) I get to structure my own time, which is great. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of juggling everything - with the exception, I guess, of scheduling time for socializing. But I have four social events to hit between Fri and Sun, so that should be plenty. If I can just get this damned research done...

This guy I went out with once or twice last year, who I later found out had a girlfriend, is still someone I'll call from time to time when we're all going out. He doesn't know anyone in town, and I feel bad. (My friend kindly called it my sense of 'social benevolence'). So it's sketchy enough that he has a long-term girlfriend that he's never once mentioned or discussed with any of us. He's joined us a few times - out at the bar for a long night, two afternoons of football, etc. WELL I found out that HIS GIRLFRIEND IS NOW LIVING WITH HIM. Again, he's never even mentioned her, probably because he and I went out and he realizes that he's sketchy. But it's really, really, really sketchy that he LEFT HER AT HOME while he came out with the rest of us.

I found out this piece of information last weekend at girl's night. A friend had the ladies over to her house for dinner, wine, and chocolate... so much chocolate. It was a great night, actually. Very laid back, we put back an embarrassing number of bottles of wine, ate things that are so very bad for us, and just all caught up. It reminded me of how difficult it is for women to bond sometimes - women can be so catty to each other - but how crucial it is.

Thanks for all of your comments and words of encouragement! If I don't respond, don't take it personally - I'm just swamped and can't always get around to responding. But I do read them!

P.S. I got rave reviews on my summations - my peers have come up to tell me how impressed they were, and my video review instructor told me that he's incredibly critical, and this is probably the only time I'd hear it from him, but that he thought my summation was really good! Whew. No need to search for a new profession. I just might have learned something useful at the DA's office this semester after all...

P.P.S. I'm taking a kickass seminar in race/identity/law and I have lots of thoughts on it to share with you all. That's a warning, CDog - I suppose you'll want to stop visiting here.

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