Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Ooooh. Rejection letter from Feb 8th's debacle just rolled in. Not
really a disappointment but I'm still REALLY ANGRY about it. At least
they were quick. They didn't even think twice about keeping my name
around for consideration.

The list of employment possibilities is dropping rapidly!

BUT... I read my tarot cards two nights ago. (This is what I do when I feel out of sorts. Don't ask for an explanation). And my tarot cards told me that I'd get some money. Which I knew had to be a big fat lie. I did my taxes last night, however, and I'm getting a month's worth of expenses back in taxes. Which is sweet, since I'll be UNEMPLOYED and at least I just bought myself 30 days. So I read my tarot cards again last night. They were completely unhelpful in regards to my future, but my tarot cards told me that I have the strength to make it through this. Which was nice to hear. Because the tarot cards don't lie.

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