Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Next week is the last week in February. Which makes the week after that MARCH.


I've just about finished law school. All these things that were supposed to come LATER: like petitioning to sit for a particular state's bar, interviewing for real job positions ("Oh, it's fine that I still don't have a job, they don't make offers until LATER"), registering with BarBri ("I don't have to decide what state I'm going to prep for, I can do it LATER") and you know, being a 3L (I'm a 3L and want to just chill the fuck out, but I can do that when this madness ends LATER).

Later is NOW.

Shit shit shit.

Job: None. Rejection letters piling up.
Income: None. Must remember to take stripper classes.
Relocating to: I have no idea.
Relocating when: Also do not know.

I have no idea what comes next. and NEXT is not very far away at all.

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Menagerie said...

Tell me about it! I'm a total wreck when I think about graduation.