Monday, February 14, 2005

Slate commentary on the Lynne Stewart verdict.


Anonymous said...

C Dog: I haven't followed this, so I can't commend specifically on it. Regarding this regulation she allegedly violated--can you be imprisoned for violating regulations???? I can't understand the regulation crime. I can somewhat understand the press release in Egypt one. For instance, if I leave prison after meeting with my client and tell his brother, or one of his gang members, that they really should kill a potential witness, I would certainly expect to be prosecuted myself. The "sheik no longer supports a cease fire" could be a helluva lot more dangerous, I'd imagine.

WomanoftheLaw said...

Silly CDog. No one gets prosecuted for violating rules - they get prosecuted for LYING about violating rules. My understanding of the Lynne Stewart debacle is that she was prosecuted for breaking her promise to the government - conspiring to defraud or perjury or something - and aiding terrorism.