Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Something about Christmas really brings out the rejection letters in people. I got the expected rejection letter from one incredibly prestigious fellowship and I got a less expected deferral letter from another public defender agency with whom I had, I thought, an excellent interview. The deferral letter was very nice, stating that the agency could not offer me one of the few interviews in February but would like to keep my application under consideration for their hiring process in the late spring/summer. Apparently they're trying to add 50 public defender positions. I'm still waiting to hear anything at all from at least two other places.

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notguilty said...

I am such a dope. I bookmarked several pages (including yours) and what happened was it just got stuck on the last post you had written (Dec. 21!) and now I've got to devote hours to reading the rest. WTF?

Anyway, not to worry. Something will come along. Or, you can just take the Borders test.