Friday, December 31, 2004

Reflections on 2004

Favorite moments:
- Having the best. job. ever. this summer. All moments at job, including bad ones, are the best of 2004.
- Watching a week of a capital trial
- Meeting a hot young public defender in the middle of the pouring rain at a baseball game. Seeing said hot public defender a few days later, having him trick me into kissing him, seeing his two tattoos, and watching him take off his shirt to reveal a perfect, chiseled, olive-skinned body and !surprise! a nipple piercing. Yum.
- Going out to a Latin/Euro bar with summer roomie and meeting Argentinian men
- Dancing drunkenly to Bon Jovi in a small apartment
- a perfectly pleasant 25th birthday party
- seeing Kanye West perform
- walking home after a night of fancy dinner, drinks, karaoke, police, then a bar - and being intercepted by a hot Latino man who steered us into a party, then later making out with hot Latino man in the middle of undergrad party
- The Red Sox winning the World Series. and the Patriots won the Super Bowl or something

Toughest moments
- leaving the summer behind
- attending funeral
- finding permanent employment (this is bound to be a large part of 2005)
- moving every semester, away from friends and familiar surroundings

Favorite: [this took me forever to edit down]
SONG: Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
ARTIST: Kanye West
MOVIE: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Big Fish, Love Actually
BOOK: One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

My 'favorite' list makes me look trite. I need to develop much cooler cultural habits.

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