Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Baltimore's finest - busted for drugs, porn, rape
Five teens freed after DA drops rape charges 

Graham's lawyer, James Corbo, contrasted what happened to his client to the fate of five former Milton Academy students accused of statutory rape after an oral sex session with a 15-year-old sophomore girl in a school locker room about two months after the Bromley-Heath incident.

In a deal with prosecutors that could spare them any jail time and clear their records, the Milton Academy teens agreed last June to undergo counseling, complete community service, and serve at least two years of probation.

''The difference is that in Milton the students walked into the court with their ties on and got probation," Corbo said. ''And these five African-American kids sat in custody for 13 months on extremely high bails."

Supreme Court to hear DNA death row case

Alito is no Roberts - Dahlia Lithwick

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notguilty said...

Cases are being dismissed left and right because of those cops.

O'Malley's gonna have some 'splaining to do when it comes time for his bid for governor. Hey, and I like O'Malley. He got me garbage cans. But, Baltimore safer?? Come on.