Thursday, January 12, 2006

random stuff

I decided not to email him at all. I waited the standard 2 day period, but by that point, I had finally come to terms with the truth: he is not interested in dating me, and I don't want to convince him otherwise. Additionally, my free time between now and the end of Feb has filled up quickly, so I don't have the time to email him or the time to go to this function. That's that. He'll call or email if he wants to talk.

Sometimes I can't believe that I'm really an attorney. Today I felt like a real attorney. Despite the fact that I was not in my office this morning, the supervisor found me AGAIN. I think this is day 10. He's like a heat-seeking missile. And then he said, "Are you avoiding me?" which made me smirk. I actually had been running around on a case this morning that ANOTHER supervisor, out of the office at that time, called me on to cover. So now I have two supervisors who seem to have identified me as a good little worker monkey. Anyway, today ended up being busy, in a good way. I felt like a real attorney.

This week, I have broken my office coffeepot and a beautiful ornate desktop clock that I got as a gift for leaving my social work job. I have horrid peripheral vision - it's not a vision problem, but rather a perception problem. My brain doesn't really seem to care about what's going on in the three feet of space around me. Thus, I often kick, elbow, hit, and bump things and people. Sadly I had two casualties this week. Three if you count that cute thing with hinges that sits on my desk and no longer quite closes all the way after a nasty tumble.

I've recently had people inquire about my dating experiences. I think I'm an excellent storyteller. I think I'm pretty amusing, I get pretty dramatic, and I know which details to highlight. (I'm not sure how funny these dating stories would be if I wrote them out for you. But I promise I will try.) On each of the occasions when I've recounted an example of a recent unsuccessful date, I've done so without the storytelling effects. No drama. No slant. A mere objective recountenance. And yet, each time I've given the straightforward example with no entertainment intentions, my audience was rolling with laughter. That, my friends, is a sad state of affairs.


Mr. Vasquez said...

good job on not e-mail him, I'm sure it will all work out. Once he realizes that you aren't calling him, the tables will be turned and he will probably begin to call you if he is interested that is.

Sanchovilla said...

I'm not sure how funny these dating stories would be if I wrote them out for you. But I promise I will try.

I can't wait! Oh and just to throw in my dos centavos, I'm glad you didn't email the meant "that dude"