Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It seems that I'm not the only one harboring this unhappy feeling of despair. You all had some nice emails and comments to share. I've also had friends disclose the same feelings to me, without me even mentioning how I was feeling. It took me by surprise how many other people felt this way. Sorry kids - but it makes me feel a lot better. Misery loves company!

I had another unfulfilling day today and then came home to find a bad letter from one of my lenders. A letter that gave me some cryptic form-letter reason that my loan was not locked into the 2.77% rate and that instead I'd have to reapply at the %4.7 rate. So, like any reasonable woman with a sad life and an overdrawn checking account until the next paycheck would do, I started sniffling and tearing up at the idea that I'd be bent over for EVEN MORE INTEREST to repay, therefore cementing my belief that my diplomas will heretofore be hung on the side of the shopping cart out of which I will be living.

Several things then occurred that actually made my day better than when it started. The first two things were the customer service reps at two respective lenders. They were actually so nice, and so insistent on finding the right answer for me, and were so kind and patient, that I have no choice but to send gushing letters to their respective bosses. They were the nicest people I've spoken to all day. [refer above to 'sad life.'] The third thing that happened to me, that led me here to eat treats and drink tea and curl up on the couch with the laptop while I shriek happily and unabashedly along with Kelly Clarkson (that's right! I said UNABASHEDLY and KELLY CLARKSON) is that I received a genuinely funny email from a fellow blogger that made me genuinely laugh, and for the entire past 30 minutes, I have been in a genuinely good mood. That's something notable.

This was going to be a post about resolutions, but I'm not ready to do those yet. I know what they are (they're the same as last year's for the most part), and when I share them, like I said to NotGuilty and Sanchovilla, I expect you'll help keep me to them. Mmmmmk?


Sanchovilla said...

Sweet Mamma Jamma! Unabashedly? Kelly Clarkson? Really? I still respect you but you can't just drop stuff on us like this without any notice. Try and ease us into a comment like:

...while I shriek happily and unabashedly along with Kelly Clarkson (that's right! I said UNABASHEDLY and KELLY CLARKSON)

Regardless of the aforementioned Kelly Clarkson comment...Don't you worry, we got each other's back on New Year's resolutions. Mmmmk?

Okay...actually I have one KC song on my mp3 player but I SWEAR thats it...it was a mistake putting it on and now I can't remove it

notguilty said...

Since we're confessing, I've been known to frequently sing along to Kelly Clarkson - so much so that my husband now refers to her as my "favorite singer".

Gosh, I'm thirsty, Woman, got any wine recommendations? I wish there was an Appelbees close by.