Friday, January 27, 2006

not funny.

Coulter jokes about killing John Paul Stevens
Yeah, that's a real knee-slapper.  Ha.  Don't try a comedy tour. 
I seem to remember reading something that said Stevens was actually a conservative appointee and that he, at least at the time of his appointment, was a Republican.  I think the same article argued that his opinions had not changed over the years but rather the court shifted so far right that he's now on the left. 


Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

she looks like an anorexic blond horse
and he was appointed by a republiucan

Fresh? said...

Coulter needs some serious cunnilingus, she looks like an angry woman that has never come.

Jeff Deutsch said...


I'm sorry, but the above two ad hominem comments are nasty and out of line.

On the other hand, speaking as a staunch conservative myself, I say a conservative approach to free speech should have been applied in Ann Coulter's case: she should have left the building in handcuffs and been taken to a jail cell. (Remember: Coulter was calling on people to poison Justice Stevens.)

Coulter might have been joking, but she certainly meant to be hostile towards Justice Stevens and there are laws against threatening public figures. Free speech doesn't extend to threats, or even to creating a threatening environment. Especially not after 9/11.

Jeff Deutsch