Tuesday, September 27, 2005

she found god. and meth.

Remember that?  The guy who shot up the Atlanta courthouse - and took a woman hostage who spoke to him about God, and became his friend, and convinced him to turn himself in or something?  SHE GAVE HIM METH.  God, my ass. 
I too have found meth.  I mean God.  Well, not really.  But since I left my momma's, I have:
1. been told I have a 'juicy ass'
2. been asked out to dinner by the grocery clerk
3. had a guy buy the entire bar a round of drinks because he thought I was cute, but thought it would be weird to buy just me a drink
4. accidentally almost crashed a private lesbian party (they told us we could stay, but we politely declined.)
5.  given my phone number to a guy who insulted me and argued with me all night - I told him he was the only guy I've wanted to punch while giving him my phone number.  which is true.  he hasn't called; I'm not sad.
6.  been out until 5 a.m.
7. gained weight
8. been sleeping on an air mattress
And loving every minute of it.


Audacity said...

You apparently haven't started work yet.

WomanoftheLaw said...

nope. I question whether I even still have this job. Haven't heard a blessed thing from them.

Blonde Justice said...

Live it up now while you can!