Monday, September 12, 2005

politics sucks

Suburban Ecstasies has great links regarding the political failure of Katrina - more than just cursory. It's horrifying to see how much Bush has squashed anything and everything that he doesn't want to hear. No matter how much I disagree with the politics of a leader, a leader is absolutely not someone who puts his fingers in his ears and yells "Lalalalala" or snaps at you when you tell him news he doesn't want to hear. That's not a leader, that's a preschooler. This makes me ill.

Roberts says Supreme Court justices play limited role: 'They are servants of the law, not the other way around.'


Anonymous said...

What about the democratic governor of Louisiana and the democratic mayor of New Orleans??

womanofthelaw said...

The posts address anonymous reports by Bush aides in regards to his style of leadership specifically, hence my comments to that effect. As for LA and NO, in regards to whether they dropped the ball, I'll concede that some responsibility falls there. But honestly, do we really expect a city, really and truly, to protect and fix itself in a disaster like that? Wasn't Mitt Romney just this year trying to get FEMA $$ for red tide off the MA coast? Seems like this is more appropriate than that. Nevertheless, I'm most appalled at the lack of response after the levees broke, and this became a much bigger problem. Assistance COULD have been provided, and wasn't, despite the fact that doctors and volunteers were trying to get into the city but were denied for a variety of reasons (i.e., "we dont' want people to get too comfy in NO, so you can't help them") and people were being shot at if 1. they tried to leave the city and 2. they tried to feed themselves. That all of the effort in the beginning was put into shooting at people instead of evacuating them is problem enough. That our president wasn't willing to cut his vacation short is problem enough. And the moans of, "This city needs a Giuliani" I think are seriously misplaced.

notguilty said...

Ha. You know what's really funny is yesterday when W was on the news after that guy resigned and the reporters were asking him "hey, what about that FEMA guy resigning" and he was all like "I've been working, I don't know about that." DUDE!!! ISN'T KNOWING THAT YOUR JOB!!???! He has been working. He said it like "I haven't been on vacation. Look at me, I work." What a turd.