Monday, September 05, 2005


I'm tidying my blogroll, which presents the question: to whom do I link and why? I do not link to nearly as many blogs as I read. Nor do I intend to link to all the blogs I read. I suppose I try to link to blogs that relate to why I keep this blog, although the purpose of the blog (law geek outlet) has been eclipsed by my lack of time, patience, and ability to keep law geeking. I also do not read all the blogs to which I link. I link to some blogs for the purpose of trying them on for size; some blogs I've been perusing for months haven't yet made it on. I will continue to peruse the murky world of blawgs and please do not be insulted; there are no inferences to be drawn from placement or non-placement of your link on my page. And I don't usually entertain requests, even if I have been lurking around your page for over a year. Is this bad form? I mean, I suppose it is a courtesy to link to those who link to you, but I don't want people linking to me as a courtesy; I want them linking to me because they think I'm relevant.

I'm also still batting around the idea of switching over to the BlawgCoop with Ambivalent Imbroglio, who was nice enough to get me started on it months ago, but since then I have not had the time or the high speed internet to actually make the switch. Who knows what is to come?


Anonymous said...

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Audacity said...

Link who you want, people will understand. And if they don't, they're not the kind of people you want to link to anyways.

Gideon said...

If you delete a link to my blog, I'll know it's because I'm a Yankee fan and you hate Yankee fans.

I'm just kidding. As Jen said - keep who you want and remove who you want. It's your blog.