Tuesday, September 06, 2005

fuck 'em

Having still heard nothing (seven days and counting, mofos!) I went ahead and lined up another job.  I am currently sitting by myself in my mother's humble abode, surfing the dial-up net and trying to figure out how the fuck to entertain myself tonight, wondering what to eat and why the fuck this city has no Indian or Thai food, drinking (and totally buzzed on) the Miller High Life that my little brother left behind last week before he left for his cross-country road trip, and wondered what kind of men I could pick up with a line like, "Hey, I'm sexy and unemployed... wanna come back to my mom's house, drink my little brother's beer, and make out on my little sister's bed?"
This is the life I envisioned when I took on $150k in prestigious law school debt, Yesssssssirreeeeee.


Blonde Justice said...

Probably a man like "Fresh Pepper". =)

Hang in there and I hope it works out.

ambimb said...

Oh man. I know things are going to turn out well for you -- if it was easy it wouldn't be so satisfying when it finally happens, right? I hope that's the case, anyway...

Meanwhile, this post is so going down in my hall-of-fame for best all-time blog post about law school.

wordnerd said...

Feel for ya...and know it will work out. Totally the best post for law school debt and the insaneness of it all.

I went to law school in Canada and have a bit less debt but I understand all the same....when I first started working...after I didn't get the articling job I wanted...I was working in a law library...filing...for like 7$/hour.

Things have gotten better. Thank the fuck!


Gideon said...

Geez, I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope it all works out in the end. A lot of places are notoriously slow in getting back. Keepin' my fingers crossed!