Sunday, September 18, 2005

mmmm cheeeesy

One of my friends told me I was wonderful, despite my 'cheesy taste in men and music.' I didn't quite understand what warranted such a characterization, but today I realized:

1. Dude, I totally dig tattoos, especially the armband ones. HOT. Guy at the gym lifting weights next to me this morning with the armband tattoo made me nearly knock myself out mid-crunch. And I'm the only person I know that loves nipple piercings on men. Not all men can do it, mind you, but the ones that do - what's not to drool over?

2. When I was cruising around town in Lilith the Ford Contour today (can you believe that bitch is still kickin'? me neither) "More Than A Feeling" came on the radio, and I cranked that shit up and SANG, as I was sincerely pumped up when I heard it. It's one of my favorite car songs of all time, along with, "Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet." PUMPED. UP.

As an aside, I have one of the "Would You Rather" books, and it's hysterical, and one of the questions is, Would You Rather live in a world where... a) the convention of singing 'Happy Birthday" was replaced with "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive OR b) where congressional debate was settled by dodgeball contests?

I sense that the Roberts hearings wouldn't be any more interesting if it were settled via dodgeball. If you have not seen the show Arrested Development, you MUST see it, because it really is funny. I only watch it on DVD, and it's better than crack. Anyway, in one of the episodes, Buster recounts how he was taught to drop to the ground and curl up in a ball if someone threatened him. At the end of the episode, he does, and the actor totally perfects the move - he manages to drop to the ground and curl almost instantaneously. Now that's art, right there. To bring this large tangent to an end, I think Roberts might be the type of guy who would pull a move like that in a dodgeball tournament. Yes? I mean, he can't even answer questions. How could he take a hit with a dodgeball? I choose the answer A.

And here, take one for the road: Would you rather live in a world where there was a rapper-like East Coast / West Coast feud of mimes, OR where the pledge of allegiance was changed to the lyrics to "Eye of the Tiger"?


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Sanchovilla said...

If the pledge of allegiance lyrics were changed to those of "Eye of the Tiger?"

Hmmmm...Hello?!?! That would be the SWEETEST thing ever! I might even be excited enough to put it on my mp3 player.