Tuesday, August 23, 2005

today was a good day

I am as tan as I have ever been. I believe the words to describe me are "bronze goddess." Those are the words I use, anyway.

I FINALLY found a Tim Wakefield t-shirt, so now I can end the "I refuse to by any Red Sox t-shirt until I buy a Tim Wakefield shirt" strike. No joke, I owned ZERO Sox tees for that reason. (Well, ok, I had one long-sleeve World Champions shirt. But it was a gift, and I love it.)

I joined a gym for their 30 day free trial. Perhaps I will soon feel less squishy.

Not so good, actually annoying but now amusing? The optical mouse attached to my mother's computer has decided that it only works in alternate five minute intervals, which has certainly hindered my websurfing time. I just discovered that picking the mouse up about 8 inches from the mousepad and dropping it several times helps it work again. How fun.

Need reading and listening recommendations. Apparently NONE of the drug stores around here carry the Economist, which is like crack to me. I just finished "Sammy's Hill" and "Angels and Demons." Both excellent beach books. There are several pages in Angels and Demons that make me believe it could be a religion, and would be a religion I enjoyed. The new Scientology! Move over, L. Ron Hubbard. When I get a better mouse and better internet, I'll search inside the book and pull out the excerpts that struck me in more of a spiritual manner, rather than a sunshine and cocoa butter manner.

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Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I still have my Tim Naehring T-shirt. Is that really cool, or really lame?