Thursday, August 18, 2005

on music: a confession

I am whatever the exact opposite pole of "music snob" is. If I know what's hot, it's from my 18 year old sister. I only own a handful of CDs, and generally don't listen to much more than what is on the radio or what I overhear someone else playing. (Luckily I hang out with people who have their finger on the pulse of cool music).

Thus, my iPod dilemma. Having an iPod is only as good as your music selection. I never, ever bought music, although loved the mp3 craze. Imagine how terrible my iPod is. I have an Ace of Base CD, the soundtrack to Aladdin, an old Janet Jackson -these are all from when I was in junior high. And still they remain in my CD holder. If any guy ever tried to draw conclusions about me from my CD collection, he'd probably conclude that I'm a fantastic freak, and he'd be right. Anyway... my iPod shit the bed, so I lost all the great music I had bought or snarked from other people and now have to redo it all. All (12 of) my CDs are in storage now, so I'm at the mercy of other people's CD collections at this point.

I can't figure out which is more amusing - the fact that my dad has 3 Guns N Roses CDs, or the fact that I just uploaded all of them.

P.S. I watched the "Wild N Out" episode with Kanye - loved it. Then, right after that, it was supposed to be Pimp My Ride, which I also love, but it was an interview of Kanye by my very fave MTV personality Sway.


Zuska said...

My iPod is my best friend. I personally feel that the iPod, and its companion software, iTunes, HELPS with exposure to different music. In order to try or own new music, you do not have to pay $18 for a new CD. You can pay $0.99 for ONE SONG of someone you hear of. Furthermore, you can listen to the iTunes radio, and thereby sample all kinds of music, and see what you like. since the artist and album and song name are always listed, you can see exactly what it is you like or do not like, and buy only after you KNOW you enjoy what you've heard!

I will say that since my iPod, I have *hugely* expanded my music repertoire -- and practically for free. libraries, and the networks that almost any town belongs to - are amazing. seriously. i can get ANYTHING!! from my library. then i can test anything out.

mmmm. libraries. cd's.

carpundit said...

Better not use any of your friends' music, unless they give you the CD to keep. It's theft, and the Bar probably frowns on that.

I second the "iTunes is great" opinion.