Friday, August 19, 2005

to the batcave!

I threw out my batsignal yesterday. After days of avoiding friends' phone calls and emails, I sent out a mass email, my batsignal. I told them about the job offer I received. I told them I was going to take it, except that I had some hesitation. I laid out my choices and told them why I was going to make this choice, and why I was hesitant. And I begged. What should I do?

And they all responded. It wasn't the answers to the questions I posed that really got to me. It was the feedback and the thoughtful responses, not the answers, that just leveled me. Seriously, they are the most incredible group of people ever assembled. These responses have singlehandedly shot my confidence in accepting this job from 80% up to 94%.

I use this blog to write about me, and to avoid problems in my personal life, I avoid writing about my friends. And it's a crying shame, because they are such incredible people. I think I'm going to have to lift the ban on writing about others. It's going to take tricky filtering, to make sure that the only stuff that gets on here is stuff that I'm 100% sure will not reveal or bother the people about whom I write; nevertheless, it has to be done. These people are too wonderful not to share with the world.


Anonymous said...

CDOG: I take it I was not on your e-mail list?

womanofthelaw said...

The batsignal was limited to a particular geographic area, in which you did not fall.

Are you there yet, by the way? IN the new house?

Anonymous said...

yes and yes.