Monday, August 15, 2005


1. Porn with the significant other - Do or Don't? Different from the ones already stashed in your closet? How does one implement such a plan?

2. I found out today that a good friend, who happens to be an old ex, lies to his girlfriend when he hangs out with me. Discuss.

3. Sitemeter's slogan: doing what we can to assist internet stalkers, one longitudinal degree at a time.


Deviant Law Student said...

1) Do. But not with mine. Wife is a hard-core feminist that believes porn is exploitative and harmful. It's a hard position to disagree with on an intellectual level, but it is also a pain in the ass.

2) Good friend probably wants to watch some porn with you. Or perhaps Girlfriend is a serious nut-job, but if that is the case, he should leave and not lie.

3) Scary.

Sanchovilla said...

1. I've watched it with a girlfriend...once. About the time when I felt it was necessary to go do our own thing...she wanted to keep watching the porn. Yeah, I'm not proud.

2. Thats a tough one. I don't know how secure I'd be if my girlfriend was hanging around with ex...but I guess it depends on how long they've been together and how much she trusts him...I think I'd like to know, Why is he lying to her?

3. No comment, I like to see what searches have brought people to my blog...I'm a freak.

Zuska said...

I have erotica for my own use ... porn? No. my Beloved is not interested in either. I talk sometimes of erotica films, and he gets confused. erotica? is that porn? is there wicka-wokka music? why is it called "erotica" instead of porn? I tell him b/c there's a STORY, with SOMETIMES sex. He doesn't get it. whatever. we have enough fun without.

I'm not able to comment on the rest. at least not right now.