Saturday, November 13, 2004

Winter makes me angry.

I woke up this morning to about 2 inches of snow. Aww, isn't that cute? NO. Because every time it snows, my car doors freeze shut, the locks freeze, and my car won't move so much as an inch without snow tires. Additionally, it seemed to pick up a new habit last week, which involves the car refusing to steer when it's cold out. Per my internet diagnosis, it seems as though it might be a valve in the steering rack that is sticking shut. Now, that doesn't sound cheap, does it? The most frustrating part of all of this is that I was supposed to be on my way home to get my car inspected, since it's a month overdue. But I can't even get into my car, and even if I could, it certainly wouldn't be safe for me to drive it if there's snow on the ground. I'm pretty much stuck at home for the day. And I'm really, really pissed.

As far as yesterday's exam - well, the 45 minutes it took to help some of my fellow test takers fill in the name and address bubblesheet indicates that the curve will help. I didn't have a watch, so I didn't realize that it only took me an hour to finish the test until after I left the testing room. So, I could be an idiot, I suppose, and have accidentally skipped most of the exam, or perhaps I just got every answer wrong. But, I couldn't quite bring myself to care. It pained me to write in the code of the state for which I'm currently slated to sit. I had a powerful urge to put in "Maryland" but they don't even require the MPRE, so sending my scores there is useless anyway.

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notguilty said...

Yeah Maryland!

No snow here, baby!