Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting update

I managed to cast my vote just fine. I did run into some familiar faces, and some familiar names, while returning to my hometown to vote. That's a brief tale for another time.

Right now, Bush is looking like he's got the lead on this. Looking at the color coded map, it's odd to think that Bush has only a slight lead - because most of the country is colored red. Just a few blue spots for Dem victories - and yet it remains so close. (Then there are all those state governor and U.S. Senate elections that seem to be swaying in favor of Republicans - let us not overlook the fact that the man just elected to the Senate by South Carolina to replace a Democrat is the same man who doesn't think that unmarried pregnant women should be schoolteachers, and is in favor of a national sales tax.) I hope I hope I hope this is like a Red Sox game that goes REALLY late and then Ortiz suddenly hits a walk-off homerun. Kerry needs a walk-off home run. The only good thing that can come from a Bush victory is Hillary Clinton's victory in 2008. I've got your back, girlfriend.

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