Saturday, July 03, 2004

In search of more employment.

I have to start getting my materials together to get myself a job that pays money after I graduate from law school. I decided not to do a clerkship. I don't think I'm particularly interested in the usual fellowship programs because most of them prohibit working in criminal law, but there are a few fellowships (two that I know of) that are explicitly for the practice of capital defense work. I might end up wanting to do prosecution (although at this point I can't fathom it.) I'm trying to figure out where I should be applying. I'll definitely apply to some organizations that are in this area, and I'll apply to organizations in the area that I'll be living/working in come the fall. But what about, say, Seattle or New Mexico? Colorado? Montana? Canada? Ok, not Canada. Not yet. But I have been considering moving to areas in which I have no connections. That's scary. I bet I'd hate it. Maybe.

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