Saturday, July 17, 2004

And it feels like... home...

I managed to make it here, despite the fact that my "Check Engine" light came on twice during the trip.  Generally this means that my car is overheating; however, the first time it came on I pulled over, popped the hood, didn't see anything amiss, then started the car again and it was fine.  The second time, I pulled over across 2 lanes of traffic again and as soon as I was slowing down in the breakdown lane, the light went off.  I tried calling my mechanic today but they were closed.  I guess I'm going to try to make the 6 hr drive back tomorrow, but given my excellent luck with my car during summer trips, there's a chance that I'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, with no cell phone reception, waiting for someone to help me out and tow me to a garage that might be open on a Sunday. 
It's been such a wonderful day so far that I wish my "check engine" light would come on TODAY so I could call in to work on Monday and just bring my car to the garage here.  I got to sleep in my own bed last night and it was great to be back in my house.  Mysteriously, despite the fact that we continue to pay for it, the cable and internet are down.  While it is tragic, it also makes the weekend feel more away.  I went to my very favorite grocery store this morning to grab a muffin, coffee, and cleaning supplies, and I ran into a friend from law school who is studying for the bar.  I am tickled pink when I run into people I know out in the community.  Then I cleaned the house until it sparkled.  Which it does.  Then I showered and headed over to the state park so I could lay a blanket near a waterfall, bask in sunlight, and jump into the foot of the waterfall.  Well I did bask in some sun, but the water was SO COLD that I was in there less than a minute.  Then it got gray and rainy, so I left less than 2 hours after I got there.  Went home, fired up the grill.  Sun came back out.  Grill fizzled out and has been smoldering all afternoon.  It won't light enough to cook a damned burger but it also refuses to go out.  So I fired up the George Foreman, cooked the burgers inside and ate them outside.  I'm in the law school library right now printing out a form and seeing people in here studying for the bar makes it feel like the school year never ended.
I've missed this place so much.  My favorite grocery store, coffee shops, clothing store, people.  I can't believe I'm going to spend another semester away.  I want another day to bask in the feeling of home and community but alas, I have to leave early enough to allow my car time to break down in a timely fashion.
Tonight, a friend from law school is coming into town and we're doing our usual routine of dinner and movie.  I'm delighted.

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