Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Best. Night. Ever.

Spent the day at work staring at the computer screen.

Evening plans rained out.

Return of the "check engine" light on a dark and stormy stretch of highway.

Bad day? Not at all.

Evening plans turned into even better plans, despite being drenched to the bone and shivering. Met wonderful person, met wonderful person's wonderful friends, then met semi-famous person. Have been avoiding meeting wonderful person out of fear and insecurity. Was friendly with him and his friends, at the end of the night, unsure of what next. I like him very much. I msged him a "thanks for a great night" on my ride home. He msged back twice - once with a "I can't wait to see you again" and next with "and you look good wet too."

Oh dearest Lord in Heaven. Really?

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