Thursday, July 29, 2004


The day started off well enough. I was in a pretty good mood, got a respectable amount of work done in the morning hours, and even spread some cheer to others not having a good day. Well, I tried anyway - we'll see if it worked.

Then I realized that I have just enough money to cover my mandatory bills but not nearly enough money to actually LIVE until I get my refund check when the school year starts. Then I started stressing about the "check engine" light again. Then I started stressing about Mr. Too Good To Be True, then I started picking apart all of my flaws, and started gearing up for the inevitable demise and crushing of hopes. It's going to end eventually (soon), so why even start, but why won't he call, and I'd really love to spend as much time with him as I can before I leave, but that would just suck too. And I'm a freak. Who wants to hang out with a broke, insecure, bug-eyed, ugly-footed freak?

So you can see why the day didn't end so well.

Now I'm going to try to finish up this darned project so I can get back to my kids tomorrow.

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