Friday, July 23, 2004


I have a thing for Karim Garcia.

I've tried to quit. I've tried to go cold turkey, I've tried to replace him with Red Sox crushes, I've tried mustering up the hate that I felt when he and Pedro got into it in the ALCS last year. But I have a crush on him.

And while the Red Sox were playing the Yankees I instead chose to watch, of all things, the Orioles. Why? Karim Garcia.

But hey, Kevin Millar! You were my boyfriend last year. You really pulled through tonight. Good job. And by the way, Red Sox, if you could field balls as well as the Orioles did when you played them this past week, you wouldn't be 9.5 games behind the Yankees. Sooooo, how's about we stop trying to buy pitchers and hitters and start trying to teach y'all how to run to catch a ball?

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