Monday, July 05, 2004

The good, the bad, and...

Good: Friends from high school and law school descend upon the city for the weekend.
Bad: Trying to schedule quality time with all of them

Good: Going to the museum
Bad: Getting caught in a torrential downpour such that today, my sneakers are not any drier than they were yesterday

Good: Coming home from typhoon, getting into warm sweatpants, and drinking red wine with friends
Bad: Being verrrrry sleepy afterwards

Good: Thai food for dinner
Bad: Horrible service and being de facto kicked out of post-fireworks margarita place

Good: Going to a better bar.
Bad: Smoky and a cover charge; tired, cranky, wanted to go to bed.

Good: Got hit on by a really great guy, danced with him all night, kissed him, gave him my phone number, kissed him more.
Bad: Have given my phone number to 5 men this week (although this is the first time I've kissed or intended to kiss any of them).

I love this city. It's amazing what a week can do.

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