Saturday, July 23, 2005

one last time

Going about my business today, I was confronted with the fact that there are people that I will never see again. Really close friends who have departed for their respective bar exams and aren't coming back, people I've had in my life every single day for the past three years - today was the day of departure. I haven't said goodbye to anyone; it's always been, "I'll see you soon," and not in a cheezy way - but as a firm and definite statement that we both accept to be true but is most certainly false. But it's the best I can do right now. Graduation was bittersweet - it was a lot of fun, and sad to say goodbye to some. Now the rest of us are leaving, and there's no fanfare or solid goodbye moment; it's just a trickling, limping end to a time of my life that has been by far the most rewarding. I will never find a community like this again.

A dutiful fan forwarded me a picture that I thought was particularly on point for all of us bar schmucks. Good luck to all; we'll all make it through, and then the question becomes, "What next?" I look forward to being able to answer that question.

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Liz said...

Just found your blog as I am majorly procrastinating for tomorrow's (tomorrow????) Bar as well. Very much enjoyed your rants - esp. 'hang a star on this, asshole.' Good luck!!!