Friday, July 29, 2005

Bar Exam 2005: Some observations

1. The first day, I had to check to make sure I was wearing underwear on the way over there. Fortunately, I was. Unfortunately, it seems that I had forgotten to wear deodorant. Luckily...

2. The room was no warmer than 40 degrees. I had to wrap my feet and ankles in a friend's fleece and shivered in my light zip-up sweatshirt.

3. During an essay portion, it got so intense that I was, and I'm absolutely not exaggerating, unable to spell correctly or use the correct words for what I was trying to say. There are several words that just do not exist in the English language that are in my essays.

4. A friend had to explain this ordeal to her parents, and this is how she described it. "It's as though someone told you that you have two months to memorize the phone book of a large city. Except for each line, you need to reference 10 other books in order to understand all of the information. And then, they test you on such things as the John Smith who lives on Merry St. and the John Smith who lives on Cherry St. Except it's like the question is in Spanish." To which another friend added, "And like you have dyslexia."

5. Earplugs are best used not IN the exam, but in the breaks, when there are actually people who talk about the questions and what the right answers are. I didn't think these people actually existed, but they do. Fuckers.

6. We came home to no gas, which meant no hot water, and were told we wouldn't get it turned on until August 1. At which point I got much less cordial and much more argumentative. See #1 above.



Audacity said...

Unfortunately, the stress of the bar exam is still with me.


Lisa said...

Which bar exam did you guys take? I just finished LA's today and for the most part it wasn't AS bad as I had built it up to be. Guess I'll have to wait 2 months to see if I am right about that or just too numb from the experience to care right now.

Blonde Justice said...

Jen - You need a vacation, that's the best thing for forgetting all about it.

WofL, maybe you need one to. Or, at least a hotel so you can get a shower.

Melissa said...

#5 people all went to my law school. I swear.