Sunday, July 17, 2005


How is a girl supposed to study when Tim Wakefield is pitching tonight?  Swoon.

Least favorite Yankee:  Gary Sheffield.  I very, very strongly dislike him.  Ass.
Most favorite Yankee:  Tino Martinez.

Least favorite Red Sox player:  David Wells. 
Most favorite:  Pretty much all the rest, but love in the Biblical sense, Tim Wakefield.

Wait.  Did Al Leiter, brand new again Yankee (3-7) just strike out Johnny D?  Damn.


Gideon said...

Well, atleast we're in agreement on Tino.

womanofthelaw said...

Come now. How can you not like Tim Wakefield? How? Don't pretend like you hate all the Red Sox players. Varitek? Mueller? Those new 19 yr olds they started putting in the lineup? How could you dislike them?

And Terry Francona? I LOVE HIM. My God, the man is in a totally different league of celebrity love, as far as I'm concerned.

Blonde Justice said...

Seriously, who doesn't love Tino?

Gideon said...

It's easy really... we (yankees) have never hit well against Wakefield. The rest... well, I'll just hold my tongue :p

Terry's not bad - seems a decent fellow. Not Torre class, though, but good nonetheless.

See! It's just hard for a Yankee fan to say good things about a Red Sox!