Wednesday, June 30, 2004


What a day. A crazy, hectic day at work. Then the verdict from the other case. Then more work craziness. Then a drink with other interns. Then to the sports bar to watch baseball.

I went to ESPN Zone as to not subject my roommates to a sport they couldn't care less about. But one of my roommates ended up coming anyway, with another friend of hers. A guy at the bar started asking me about my alliances in the game, and I proudly declared my love for the Red Sox. He and I chatted for about three hours, I thought we got along pretty well. He asked a few times where the good spots are to hang out, what sorts of things there are to do in the area, what sorts of things I've done in the area. We talked about work, where we're from, where we're going, etc. Dude, he was hitting on me. And I was delicately flirting back. It wasn't love at first sight but I still figured that he'd ask for my phone number before I left. But that's where I would be wrong. Considering booking the rest of my life under that rock in Siberia. If that's taken, must then finally succumb to sacrificing self on the altar of young, single, fun, intelligent, and yet apparently completely repulsive and un-dateable women. Ego: shattered.

I'll just chalk today up to a loss.

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