Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Trials and tribulations.

After some deep reflection but mostly because I'm too lazy, I've decided not to chronicle my week in South Carolina. I may change m mind - I might later decide to share my experience- but for now, I think I'll keep it vague and simple. It was a phenomenal experience, I would love to do capital trial work, and after watching a week of a trial, I can better understand why it is that public defenders despise prosecutors and law enforcement officials. There were three prosecutors, one I disliked, one I liked, and one about whom I have no feelings because I didn't get to observe him much. There were several law enforcement officials there as well - one I liked and one I strongly disliked. There are some good eggs and some bad eggs. After this experience, I wonder how in the world my fall semester at a prosecutor's office is going to play out. But for now, I'm collecting information about every public defender office and capital trial fellowship, and we'll see if any of those come through for me when I start applying for jobs.

Today was a really busy day at work. It was graduation for the school that serves the youth correctional facility, and there were some really great, overwhelmingly feel-good moments (I got a hug!) Some big people in the community were present for the occasion as well, so if it is in the press anywhere tomorrow morning maybe I'll post an excerpt of an article here. It was also a crazy day as far as hearings go, much less positive, but a good work day nonetheless. I don't want to say too much more about my job because I'm paralyzed by concerns about confidentiality.

I am craving barbecue like you wouldn't believe. That's the one thing I wanted when I was in SC and didn't end up getting. Sigh.

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