Thursday, August 31, 2006


Did anyone catch that new show Justice last night?

It was so fake that I'm not sure I can stand to watch it. But I'll
definitely have to watch at least a few more episodes... you know,
just to see if I like it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm taking evidence right now, and I was "reading" it while watching Justice, and quite honestly I kept yelling "objection! You can't do that!" And other ridiculous things at the television.

I like the people though, so I might give it a few more shots.


Moi said...

Haven't watch it yet, but it made me laugh to see that another women lawyer whose blog I also subscribe to posted about the show to day as well:

It must have hit a nerve with lawyers across the country!

Sanchovilla said...

I have it recorded...depending on how many horrible things I hear about the show in the office will depend on whether or not I watch it.

Anonymous said...

I watched it and I hated it. I understand they have to suspend a bit of reality, but they went a bit too far for my tastes.

Of course, my husband asked "What about Ally McBeal?". They went over the top and knew it. Justice went over the top and tried to remain serious about the entire thing.

I wish I could testify and allow my witness to just agree with me. Things would be much easier...for me.