Monday, August 28, 2006

from fake to nonexistent

There's a new trend now.  Clients and other ignorant folk used to be hatin' on the PDs by insinuating that we were not real attorneys (um, if I'm a fake attorney, are my law school loans and bar review loans fake too?  Because that would totally ROCK... no more payments on those 'fake' loans!  haha!) 
Recently, however, I've encountered a new development.  It's happened enough that I just have to rant.  The conversation goes something like this.
Fake attorney [me]:  I see you have an open case.  That was pretty recent.  Who represents you on that case?
Client:  No one.
Me:  Well, someone represented you.
Client:  No, I didn't have a lawyer.
Me:  Yes you did.
Client:  No, I didn't.
Me:  Yes you did.
Client:  No, I didn't have no attorney, I'm telling you!
Me:  Ok.  So let me get this straight.  On the last court date, you were in this courtroom, right?
Client:  Yeah.
Me:  And you went out in front of the judge, right?
Client:  Yeah.
Me:  You saw the judge, yes?
Client:  Yeah.
Me:  And when you saw the judge, there was someone standing next to you, right?
Client.  Yeah.
Me:  And that was the same person who was speaking to you in your cell just like I am now, right?
Client:  Yeah, yeah.  But that wasn't a lawyer, that was a public defender.
So I've gone from being not a 'real' lawyer to not being a lawyer at all.  Didn't have a lawyer?  YOU DIDN'T HAVE A LAWYER?  Who do you think got you out of jail just in time for you to get your ass arrested again?
Didn't have a lawyer.  Hmph. 


Anonymous Law Student said...

Heh, I'm sure he's just to greatful to really express his gratitude.

Audacity said...

You should have said,

"Well then, if I'm not a lawyer.. then you sure don't want me representing you since I never went to law school or anything."

Melissa said...

I second what audacity said. In fact, I would have been real attempted to go before the judge with the "My client request an attorney since he is under the impression that I am not one." and let the judge rip him a new one.

WaddyPeytona said...

Had that happen many times. I feel your pain.

donzell said...

Been there. Heard that so many times over the last six years that it is not funny.

Anonymous said...

Early in my career I was a PD for a year...that was over 25 years ago. The cases came so fast it was like trying to get a drink from a fire hose! Of the 100s & 100s of cases I handled I can only recall a small handful of clients who ever said thanks...they seemed to think the PD was just another part of the system out to get them.