Friday, August 04, 2006

who's the reactionary?

I received the following comment from an adoring and loyal reader:
hey dumb ass, guess what, we have removed over 500 WMD's from Iraq. Have you been there? of course not.. you just want to run your liberal mouth, and put down everything about this country, while marines like me, fight and die, so that you have the freedom to do it. THANK GOD, BUSH HAS THE BALLS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
I feel compelled to respond.  I don't know what post this is in response to, because I just get them on my email, but I find the comment deliciously trite. 
Dumb ass.  That's "overeducated Dumb Ass, Esq." to you, buddy.
We have removed over 500 WMD's from Iraq.  Have you?  To be honest, I was unaware.  What do they look like?  What are they capable of doing?  I think it's fair to say that the US government might have made more of a deal about actually recovering the things they said they were going to find and never did.  Unless, by WMD's, you mean "guns."  In which case I can assure you that the streets of this country are a veritable war zone.
Have you been there?  of course not... you just want to run your liberal mouth  If the choice is a) go to Iraq and b) run my liberal mouth, then I'll choose B.  You apparently chose to do both.  Or maybe just the running the mouth bit - you're unclear as to whether you've been in Iraq either.  I support your right to choose, or not choose, as the case may be.
Furthermore, while I have never been in the service, I am a proud member of a family of military members.  You are my brother, my uncle, my father, my grandfather.  I've never been ashamed of my family's service to this country.  My family is in the conflict fighting overseas right next to you.  There is a difference between supporting my nation's decision to embark on such a significantly lethal path and supporting the troops.  I don't oppose you as a human being (well, I didn't before you were so rude - ) but I do believe that I'd rather our soldiers be somewhere else.
and put down everything about this country, while marines like me, fight and die so you have the freedom to do it    It's easy to walk around, screaming and twitching about people who put down everything about this country. "Put down everything about this country"?  You say that because I disagree with you, and I challenge you to identify examples of this assertion.  I don't believe that my country is perfect, but that does not mean I do not love my country.  I do not have to refrain from advocating changes in my country, my government, my society, or my community in order to love it.  That is where people like you become confused.  I gush on and on about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, how I love them, how if I could fill my bathtub up with law and criminal procedure and swim in it, I would... come now.  I love this country.  I fight for it every single day.  You fight for this country with guns and force.  That's your thing.  I fight for this country by protecting people from the chaos and corruption and error in the legal system.  I fight for this country by making sure that the country does not tear from its citizens the cloak of freedom and civil liberty guaranteed by our founding fathers. 
Everyone has their own way of participating in their society, and the beautiful thing about our democracy is that we often exercise our rights without even noticing.  Everyone has a different way of defending freedom, and I defend freedom by literally keeping people free.  I've represented several dozen individuals who have either already fought for their country or are trying to enter the service but cannot because of their pending criminal case.  You know, all those poor and uneducated kids that the Army likes to recruit - I fight every day for their right to enter the Army and fight for their country.
THANK GOD BUSH HAS THE BALLS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT  God has nothing to do with this war, but as a Bush supporter, that distinction would be lost on you.  As for Bush's balls, well, I'd suggest removing them from your mouth and advise you to get back to work, soldier.  The war is far from over.  There's a lot of work left to be done.  I wish you good health and your safe return from Iraq.  Or Nebraska.  Wherever you are. 


frillgirl said...

Good rebuttal - not that comments like that necessarily DESERVE it, but good nonetheless.

frillgirl said...

Good rebuttal - not that comments like that necessarily DESERVE it, but good nonetheless.

Moi said...

Hey, Nebraska is at the forefront of the war on "terrorsim", you know. I heard there was a terrorist cell there--smack dab inthe middle of one of the corn fields.

Blonde Justice said...

And Nebraska probably gets more money to fight terrorism than the places where they really have found terror cells. Per capita, at least.

Good response!

Melissa said...

That's great! Nebraska is scary. They have Children of the Corn. Of course they need marines to protect them.

Anonymous said...

I think this sums it up:

(no offense to you... I just always think of this when people start arguing in a childish way, like youre faithful reader.)

shangrila said...

I stumbled upon your March, 2006 blog about dating, and from there was miraculously transported to the "dumb ass" debate. I enjoyed both, since I've had similar dating and dumb ass experiences. In fact, two years ago, a date accused me of treason because I suggested that the Bush administration may have deliberately misled us into going to war in Iraq!

Sanchovilla said...

I realize I'm a little late jumping on this post but first off, great response and second, there is something really hot about this sentence:

I gush on and on about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, how I love them, how if I could fill my bathtub up with law and criminal procedure and swim in it, I would...

B said...

Hey now, being from Nebraska I can attest to the fact that not everyone here is like that. Hell, we even have two (yes that's 2) law schools here (of course Justice Thomas teaches at one on occasion)!

Consigliere said...

I am from Nebraska. I state the fact proudly. Such prejudice against a geographic region as you exhibit is just ugly.

I am disappointed with you Woman. You have stooped to his level.

The only possible way regain my respect for you in light of such behavior by you should be obvious to all at this point. You are obligated to post pictures of that rack you were bragging about some time ago.

Mr. Vasquez said...

I like the part where he said "we haver removed WMDs", wondering how many he has actually removed.... oh I do recall a rack.

Windypundit said...

I think that guy is probably right about the 500 WMD's.

That Saddam had chemical weapons at one time is undisputed. He used some sort of air-dropped nerve agent against a Kurdish town back in the 1980's. He also had a lot of chemical-filled artillary shells.

Our forces have been finding remnants of that 20-year-old weapons stockpile all over Iraq for quite some time. Somebody even used one as an IED against a convoy, but they probably didn't know it was a chemical weapon because they didn't mix the chemicals correctly before setting it off.

I wouldn't be surprised if they found 500 shells by now, considering Iraq probably had tens of thousands of them at one time.

They've also found modern facilities which seem to have been designed to manufacture chemical weapons, but no actual modern weapons that I'm aware of.