Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I do belong here.

The highlights of the day:
1. Having the trainer give a speech regarding feeling like an imposter, feeling like any time now, someone is going to find you out - that you're not really all that smart, or that you don't think well on your feet, or that you don't know all the legal arguments. I was relieved. That's EXACTLY how I feel! The answer: just pretend. And that's really what I've done so far. I've pretended like I'm a great speaker, and have great presence, and know everything inside and out. It's effective.

2. Meeting some great new people with whom I look forward to working.

3. Running into people I already knew!

4. Finding out that my office is really, really, far away from where I'll be living starting next month.

5. A bird pooped on my brand new fabulous work bag. (I read in a Judy Blume book that in Yiddish folklore, this is good luck. So that's how I tried to regard it.)

Gosh, I'm tired.


Audacity said...

"The answer: just pretend."

Sounds like what I've been doing the last month or so. Just make sure you eventually find out the answer.

Anonymous said...

How far away, exactly?

TSC Girl said...

OMG how crazy, I was just racking my brains to remember that book recently! It's the one where the girl tries to fit into the famous dancers shoes!

The BLS said...

It's The World According To Sally J. Freeman.

Cute book... one of my favorites when I was little.

womanofthelaw said...

Yes, I think it's "starring sally j freedman as herself"? I love Judy Blume. when I see her books at used book sales, I still buy them. She rocks!