Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love the working world

Today, I:

- developed a crush on a coworker

- filled out hours upon hours of HR forms

- got paid for those hours

- sat with people that made filling out my address and name, 17 times, over and over again, very very fun...

- went out for beers with a few coworkers

- had a few more beers with coworkers

- got fucking drunk off my ass with coworkers

- share intimate secrets with coworkers

- almost went home with the crush coworker

- didn't go home with him because it was all too clinical ('ok, so if you hook up with X, and I hook up with Y, we'll all be cool. Yeah?)

- but, despite the fact that I decided at the last minute to kiss him on the cheek, say, "I appreciate it. But maybe some other time?" and catch a train in a different direction, I still really want to make out with him.


Sanchovilla said...

Wow...nice self control! Looks like you got yourself a nice little place to work. Enjoy it and don't give in to the crush co-worker so easily...there might be better ones you have yet to meet! Ahhh...Fu*k it, go crazy...I wish my office was a little more crazy sometimes.

Allison said...

Glad to hear day one went well. I'm sure that you will do a wonderful job!

I'd love to catch up sometime!
Much love,
Your real friend, not a spammer

Audacity said...

What if you have a crush on a prosecutor? Then what?

Fresh? said...

you did the right thing, you'll be glad you took it slowly when you fuck him tomorrow.

Blonde Justice said...

Having a crush is fun, it gives you something to be excited about when you go to work in the morning. (Besides your wonderful job, of course.)

Having an awkward "oh, god, I can't believe I did that," isn't *as* fun. But, oh well, it happens.

AA said...

You should have hit that, take control!