Saturday, May 28, 2005

Holiday weekend!

Yesterday afternoon I emailed my friends an impassioned plea to hang out "and do something chill, something that doesn't require mascara." BestFriendandRoommate, and two other friends, headed down with me to the sports bar to watch The Red Sox - Yankees game. (Ouch). True to my word, I had on no makeup, I was wearing dark baggy jeans, old running sneakers, a black printed T-shirt, and my Red Sox hat. It wasn't pretty. Friends joined us, more friends joined us, and we decided that after the Sox had their asses handed to them, we should play pool. We played a game and put a quarter on the table.

The individuals who put their quarter down for the two spots in front of our quarter never showed up. We were eyeing the table, figuring we'd give them 5 minutes, and then just take the table back. During our allotted wait time, two young men came in and started playing pool. I was indignant. They saw the quarters, discussed them, and disregarded them. I can't say I blame them - no one was using the table - but ahem? I wanted to play pool. After they finished up their first game, they were gearing up for a second game. I jumped off my bar stool and strolled over to them. "Hey guys, do you mind if we cut in for a game?" I slid in front of him, blocking him from the coin slots. "You see, we're quarter #5. Quarters 3 and 4 never showed." The young man, who was quite attractive, smiled and said, "Of course. Do you mind if we play you? Doubles? We'll pay."

And without mascara, that's how I ended up with yet another man's phone number in my cell phone. S, as he later introduced himself, is a teacher from the Midwest who relocated out here just to get away for a few years. He's moving back in July. His friend T was taller, slender, with glasses, and a total sweetheart. He is an auditor, visiting from the Midwest and is in town for the weekend. My friend C hit it off with S, and I was having a good time chatting with T. As per our bet on the second game of pool, T will now be paying off my student loans. I invited them to our house for a BBQ this weekend, if we can find pleasant weather, and so I'm the one who ended up with S's phone number. Since I do a lot of the social gathering, it is guaranteed that I'll get C and S in the same place again, which does avoid the typical awkward number-swapping phase between two people. Oooh, I'm a matchmaker!

And still haven't actually STUDIED for the bar. It's more like an awareness of it than it is preparation. I'm now two days behind on the VERY CLEAR AND PRECISE bar review homework schedule.


IA said...

intent to study is just as good as actual studying.

Anonymous said...

C Dog: Yeah, the "program" that Barbri gives you is crap. A mildly intelligent monkey could pass the bar exam, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.