Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Announcements of the television and matrimonial sorts.

I found out yesterday that Joan of Arcadia has been cancelled. I am DEVASTATED. I love that show. Sadly, I'm sure that I'm not in the target demographic but I still love it and I cannot believe that CBS would take it away from me. This is the first time I've ever had a show that I really loved cancelled before its time had come. Sigh.

Congrats to my favorite mildly intelligent monkey, CDog, who got engaged this weekend. Congratulations on finding a gal who not only tolerates you but manages to keep you in line! She's a total sweetheart and clearly way too good for you. Love you both. (P.S. Do you realize that you have now left me without a back-up? I think I found another one though. But still. OUR SONS WERE GOING TO PLAY HOCKEY. You've gone and thrown it all away.)

Ah. One more wedding for me to attend stag, fielding questions that have no good answers, such as, "So, what are your plans after law school?" [nail my diploma to my cardboard box wall, or burn it for warmth] "Anyone special in your life?" [if by special you mean the bad kisser who leered at me, made a lewd comment, who I then took home and made out with on my couch and thankfully never saw again? then yes, I have several very special people in my life] and "How does it feel to know that you will die alone surrounded by cats and crusty cans of baked beans?" [I've already drawn up my will - the cardboard box will be left to the cats]. Sweet.


IA said...

baked beans? can't afford beefaroni?

WomanoftheLaw said...

Beefaroni is for the guests.

Energy Spatula said...

My favorite is that, as a two-time divorcee (which sounds much classier than it is), people just sort of randomly come up to me and go "HEYYYYYY! Don't worry, third time's a charm!!" OHMYGOD, you're kidding! Well, thank GOD! All I have to do is convince one more adultering alcoholic criminal to marry me and I'll be ALL SET! Thanks!

notguilty said...

I'll marry you!

And we can adopt a frozen embryo!

I don't like beefaroni though, but veg baked beans I can do.