Saturday, May 07, 2005

boys boys boys

Am I really that scary? I think I'm very warm and fuzzy. Maybe just delusional?

I'm still working on Boy #1 - the one in which I'm actually, and very much, interested. How do I let a boy know that I'm interested? How do I know if he is interested? Or how do I at least know that HE knows I'm interested? We're tentatively scheduled to meet up for a beer after his exams are over. Positive indication, or just another sign of general male ignorance in regards to the affections of a woman?


Deviant Law Student said...

Count on "ignorance." We generally need to be told if a woman is interested in us. And, frankly, it is best if you (the woman in question) don't tell us. Why? Because we will stand there, shocked, not knowing what to say. You, in turn, will interpret this as rejection. It is better, I think, if someone else plants the idea in our head. Childish? Perhaps. Effective? Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Womanofthelaw: THe problem with this, of course, is that the only person who could tell him would be a boy. Since all boys are dense, and my one conduit is particularly dense, I think I'm stuck. Men are absolutely 100% no good at getting their friends together. Only girls do that.