Monday, May 16, 2005

director's cut

It's been a busy few weeks, and the next coming will be just as busy. The laughter, the tears, the beer. Here's a brief clip of what I've been doing in the past few weeks. These clips are not necessarily representative of how my time has been spent or all that has elapsed, but this blog has never purported to be an accurate account of anything.

Scene 1: Party sponsored by myself and my roommates. WotL stands against a doorway, beer in hand, in the midst of switching groups in which to mingle.
D: "By the way, I read your blog."
WotL: [cringe] "Really?"
D: "Yeah, XX told me that you wrote about law school people, so I read it. You didn't write anything about me. I read the whole site and you didn't mention me at all."
W: "I have a rule against writing about people. I only write about me."
D: "You wrote about T."
W: [pause] "Yeah, I warned him I was going to blog about him. Otherwise, it's just too hard to write about the people you know, because then everyone reads it, and you have to work really really hard to make everyone look good so you don't piss anyone off."
D: "You're saying that we're such assholes that you have to try that hard to make us look good?"

Scene 2: Same party as above. This time, sittin in a pink armchair. Boy #1 perches on the arm of the couch next to me. WotL just found out that Boy #1 has a long-term girlfriend. Boy #1 tells another person, "She's not a girlfriend, she's a situation."
Dialogue summary:
W: "Who's coming to visit you this weekend?"
B1: "Oh, you know, my family, my siblings."

Scene 3: Another party, several days later.
B1: "Yeah, XX came with me. She's in the bathroom right now."
W: "Oh yeah? XX is your sister?"
B1: "Um, XX is my, uh, ex-girlfriend."
W: "Oh really?" don't think I won't nail your ass to the wall, fucker. "Wow, you guys must be really close, you know, to have an ex come all the way to town to visit."
B1: "Well, you know, we get together, and break up, and get back together. She's kind of my ex, slash situation thing."
W: "I see."
XX returns from the bathroom, WotL commences making friends. We hit it off immediately.
She says, "Wow! I love this girl. She's super cool. She's totally the type of person you would have hung out with [in undergrad]."
B1, looking at me: "She's the type of person I would have hung out with in law school, too."

Scene 4: A small gathering. We are all raising our glasses in a champagne toast, standing in a circle. Drunk friend stands in the middle, raising the bottle of champagne from which he will totally swig.

Scene 5: Three roommates of two years in a large group hug in our hallway, crying; it is the last moment that we will all share as housemates.

Here's a shoutout to you, D: Happy birthday, you ignorant slut. You are forever immortalized here on the notorious blog of WomanOfTheLaw. I love you more than you know.

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