Monday, May 02, 2005

an email exchange, demonstrating that yes indeed, my friends are much cooler than I am...

Backstory: T has bizarre eating habits. One thing that he used to eat consistently was wings. So he would regularly harass me to have wings with him, and I would occasionally submit to doing so. On Valentine's Day, he offered to take me to wings and I agreed. What better way to spend a Valentine's Day? Not only did he order us wings (and mock himself thoroughly about what the wings people must think of him, bringing a girl out for wings on V Day), but he even requested the remote control to change the TV to SportsCenter for me. What a darling. Unfortunately, due to food poisoning, T can no longer consume wings (and had to drop out of the wing-eating competition for which he was training). Fortunately, he discovered a wonderful steak and cheese sub place. Apparently it happens to be in a gas station. Realizing that I only have two weeks left in which to enjoy his company, I decided I'd preempt his cheesesteak nagging.

{Fri} Email to T: Cheesesteak date? How about Monday evening?

{Fri} T: Definitely cheesesteaks on Monday. Wings on Valentines, cheesesteaks from a gas station....I know how to treat a lady. We can discuss it this afternoon over pork.

{Fri, over pork} W: I'm totally blogging that.

Today, 9:02 am, T: [edited] Pick you up around 6?

W: {10:34 am} Yes pick me up at 6 pm. Make sure you call [xx] as well though. Are we eating at the gas station? Frankly, I'm up for doing that. If not, let me know so I can clear some space in my living room to eat.

T: {11:24 am} No, this isnt a fancy sit-down gas station. We'll take our sandwiches and get out of there. We can eat at my place if you want. I have all the coke and potato chips we'll need over there.

W: {11:16} And here I thought you were trying to be romantic. Little did I know you were taking me to a take-out gas station. Phooey.

[intermediate email from me to several friends, gloating over my fantasy baseball prowess. this list included T]

T: {11:18} Look I've got a final in less than 24 hours...I don't have time for all of these frivolous emails.

T: {2:24} I talked to [xx] and he's in. We'll be over at 6. One thing I should have
mentioned is that while the sandwiches are being made, I read Playboy. I hope this isnt an issue with you.
ps-I miscalculated; It turns out that I do have time for frivolous emails


Andi said...

I bet he's the kind of guy who stops and has hot dogs from street vendors.

But you have to suggest that he try his hot dog with cream cheese next time. It's amazing, and he will love you for suggesting it.

And yes, I know it sounds disgusting. But it's good.


Asian Provocateur said...

great site. very entertaining. good luck with graduation.