Friday, September 03, 2004

Week in Review.

Work: I have my own intern office at work. It's a decent size, but it has no window. It has a monitor on the desk, and a keyboard on the floor. No tower. Thus, I've spent the entire week in what I call the "computer dungeon" - the computer training room five floors below that NO ONE USES except me. It's cold and lonely. This week hasn't been great. I have tons of questions about how a case is developed for trial - and no answers. Yet. But I think by the end of the semester, when my questions are answered, I will be one badass litigator. I hope. Until then, my experience as a prosecutor is merely an extension of my worst nightmare - a semester full of "legal writing" and "research."

Love: Ups and downs. Nothing here in FallTown, at all. Mr. Maybe has been wonderful [long distance] company this week. Had a wonderful and lengthy conversation last night, which just made me so much more sad when I got off the phone with him. He misses me and doesn't want to wait 8 more weeks for me to return to SummerTown. So, after some time and consideration, I say, sure. I'll visit you this month instead of waiting. Then I saw the new 20 yr old that he added to his Friendster circle yesterday. I am willing to bet, right now, that's the girl he'll marry someday. Despite the fact that she's TWENTY right now, if I had to base it solely by profile alone, I'd say she's the perfect gal for him. On the other hand, judging him on his profile alone, I was completely uninterested in him. Funny how these things work.

Life: People in FallTown are just rude. No one holds the door for me, whether letting me go first or letting me go behind them. Got in a fight with two people at the post office. Middle aged man driving a CASKET DELIVERY TRUCK leered out the window to me as I was crossing the street on my way home today, "How does that ice cream taste, baby?" which caught me off guard not because of the leering, but because of the absence of anything more insulting than that, which I'm accustomed to from SummerTown. I ignored him.

Things that make life worth living: Got rave reviews from summer boss that indicate a potential for a BIG interview for full-time job with summer agency. After fighting with the post office, getting leered at by someone who drives dead people's storage items around, and feeling completely and 100% inadequate versus the new Friendster hussy of Mr. Maybe's, I sat on the porch with friends, vented, drank lots of beer. Then walked to the grocery store to buy more beer feeling reeeeeeally good and, oddly, bought a Red Sox helium balloon that I decided to treat like a pet to walk home and use as a mascot back in LawSchoolTown this weekend. (who DOES that?) Talked to Mr. Maybe and let him know I sent him an email (which addresses Friendster hussy issue, not too subtley.) He doesn't know what the message is about which makes me feel bad. Because he said he's looking forward to it. Watched Red Sox game with aforementioned friends, ordered Chinese food, drank lots of beer. Red Sox won, Chinese food feels like a rock in my stomach, and I'm going to bed.

Love and hugs.

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