Wednesday, September 22, 2004

So much news today.

Nothing related to my personal life. I think I hit the lowest of low points today at work. I was so miserable. But the very end of the day was promising, keep your fingers crossed.

I don't blog from work so I emailed myself all of the following links to share:

I did an extensive note on this case - so when I read the first two paragraphs, I thought, "Hey, don't I know that guy?"
Md. Offers Parole Chance in Capital Case: A Maryland man whose death sentence was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court must decide within a week whether to accept a prosecution offer that would immediately make him eligible for parole, one of his attorneys said yesterday.

Kevin Wiggins, 43, has served 16 years in prison for the 1988 drowning of Florence Lacs, a 77-year-old widow, in a bathtub at her apartment west of Baltimore. The Supreme Court overturned his death sentence last year, saying his public defenders had failed him, but the court allowed his conviction to stand.

Virginia Youth Offenders Caught in Transition

Judge Removes Himself From Va. Sniper Case: The Fairfax County judge overseeing the second trial of John Allen Muhammad recused himself yesterday after he had been accused by prosecutors of conducting his own investigation into a claim by the convicted sniper's attorneys.
Report Criticizes the Way Md. Treats Troubled Youth
I keep seeing articles about this, and all I can think about is HOW BADLY these juveniles need to have a resource like the job that I had this summer. This would be perfect - they could create the position for me just as I'm graduating. God, I loved that job. Working with detained and committed youth was the best thing I ever did. I want to go back.

Slate article: Thou dost protest too much.

Cat Stevens is a terrorist threat. (Seriously. Of all the pop stars.... Cat Stevens?)

Op-ed on overzealous prosecution re: terrorism. and another article relating to that (charges dropped against one accused.) This is why the world needs defense attorneys!

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